NXT Five Minute Bot

Sometimes you need a robot. Fast. Just to run an experiment, or as a temporary base to use to start another project. This simple NXT Five Minute Bot can be built in about 5 minutes (see boring video). It is reasonably sturdy and balanced, can turn easily on smooth floors, and has several basic attachment points for expansion. The building instructions will also work for the rechargeable battery pack as well as the AA batteries.


Damien Kee said…
Nice one Dave. It is 'almost' the same as the one I use in workshops with kids and teachers


You might be interested in my castor, as it is capable of spinning around with only a few extra parts.
Dave Parker said…
Cool, very similar indeed! I already had a series of castor wheeled bots based on my "Castor Bot", so I wanted to do a straight ahead one this time, to teach that castors are not necessary on smooth surfaces. But your castor is very nice and simple, it would make a great way to compare castor vs. not on a very simple bot (and yours is quite a bit simpler to build than Castor Bot). Thanks!
I'll try it. Seems Awesome

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