Oct 26, 2008

NXT Self Parking Car

While YouTube tells us that there are many NXT robots that can park themselves between objects, there aren't so many (I haven't seen any yet) of these designs that use a steering and driving mechanism that is used in real cars: front-wheel drive and front-wheel steering.

Chapter 8 in our new book (NXT One-Kit Wonders) illustrates how to make one that accomplishes both tasks with just the front wheels.


MindstormsKid said...

VERY nice!

Now make one that uses back-wheel drive :D

Dino_Martino said...

hmm, that is very cool! some closeups of the driving mechs whould be nice.

Laurens Valk said...

Most of the other SPC's on the web have back-wheel drive, so I wanted to do it differently. But there is one motor left, so you could use the design and turn it into a 4WD!

Thanks! I won't be posting close-ups though - If we did, people wouldn't be willing to purchase the book :)


megamindstorm101 said...

Yay you put up a video of one of the robots. I cant wait to see the rest. This book is such a nice one.

Praveen said...

very nice project sir....its cool
i like to implement and see the same project sir.....can u pls send me the full details of this project sir....my id is praveen200490@gmail.com

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