Robot Inspiration Series #11: Robotic Butler

Although there are many robots called butlers (which usually make drinks), I'm using the term more loosely. In this case, I'm referring to robots that assist you in any way related to meals/eating. For example, can you make a robot shake salt and pepper on your food where, when, and how much you want? Maybe the robot can mix up a drink for you? How about setting your place when you're almost ready to eat? There are many possibilities for this category. You could even try to make a robot help prepare a meal or clean up from it.

One issue you may need to consider when making a butler robot is how to make it work with non-LEGO materials. For example, the robot might need to work with salt and pepper shakers, cups, utensils, etc. Since these objects' dimensions aren't made to work with LEGOs, you may need pieces that are pliable or elastic. Rubber pieces usually work well, such as the 1x2 rubber pieces that come with the retail kit. Tires can also come in handy.


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