Robot Inspiration Series #12: Lock and Load!

Although LEGO doesn't like to sell or support weapon-products, let's face it... robotic weapons are lots of fun! Besides the "imagination" factor, weapons can have "practical" uses as well. For example, two or more zamor-shooting, repeating rifles/pistols can make for a great LEGO "Paintball" match! (even if it is a little close-range :) )

You can make many different kinds of NXT weapons. Some ideas include crossbows, pistols, rifles, machine guns, catapults, and slingshots. Below are some resources that you might find helpful if you want to make one.

First, there's Forbidden LEGO by No Starch, which gives instructions for making some neat-looking LEGO weapons. Although it's not NXT-related, it looks like it would be easy to interface the models with the NXT. You can also get some great inspiration from the models.

Some current NXT weapons include my Beam Weapon (scroll down) and robots entered in NXTasy's "Throw Me!" Contest, such as Matthias' Dicke Bertha and Dicke Bertha Typ II.


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Dave Parker said…
The Machine Gun project at is one of the most popular projects there. It shoots 3-hole beams at about 10 beams per second, and quite innacurately too, so it is a fine way to lose 3-beams... Don't say I didn't warn you!
heh i loved that project it was fun. anyways. you just gave me some cool ideas. I dont think i will do it but that would be cool to cut a zamor sphere in half and fill it with like water or paint or something. then make it so that they can come apart easily(but not too easy)and you have a more realistic mini paintball match. :)
Unknown said…
When it comes to shooters, I take the liberty to direct your attention also to Nashorn and the Gatling Gun.
A lot of more NXT shooters may be found on YouTube.
Anonymous said…
Great Job! Thank you so much!
Mike1 said…
I loved one of my own. Or two. A RBG (rubber band gun) that got a good 20 feet and has a trigger (which I was most proud of. See it here:

Also my cross bow which is implantable to the NXT for a one powerful shot. I loved that one. Even with only one shot at a time.

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