Oct 31, 2008

Six-Legged Walker with UNIQUE Turning Mechanism

Scores points for creativity, even if it isn't anatomically correct. :)
Nice "Nine Inch Nails" soundtrack, too.


Robolab 2.9 said...

Is it just me, or is this post blank?


Rick Rhodes said...


I hadn't finished the post when I hit the "publish" button by mistake.

It's up now, though.

Dino_Martino said...

why do you use blue friction pegs for gearing I.S.O. yellow ones?

Rick Rhodes said...


I didn't build the model, so I don't know why the builder used blue pegs.

I've heard that LEGO has made frictionless pegs in different colors. So, maybe these blue pegs are frictionless after all.

Can anyone confirm this?

megamindstorm101 said...

If im not mistaken I belive that is similar to the turning mechanism in M.P.S's "Slug" the only difference is that the one in the slug is hidden more. But still very unique and it walks. It is very difficult to create a walking model (I tried before and I failed...badly)

Jonathan Daudelin said...

A look at Peeron seems to indicate that both blue and black can be non-friction... personally I've only seen blue, black and white as friction and tan and grey as non-friction.


Matthias Paul Scholz said...

megamindstorm, you are right - the only difference to the Slug's turning mechanism is that I used a four-armed cross there and located it more centralized (making it more hidden, as you correctly stated).

The six-legged walker at hand is nonetheless a very good model.

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