What's Happening?

I've received a lot of emails recently, many asking the same questions - so it'll be easier if I just post responses here:

1. Slow News Week/Month? - Yes and No. Keep in mind that we're coming up on the NXT's 2nd year anniversary - the product turns 2! I have no info on sales, but I'm sure things have leveled and the number of "unique" NXT designs aren't coming out as often as they did the day after it came out - but we're still searching for new robot designs and news - and we still invite our readers to point us to newsworthy items or even submit as a guest blogger (see the link along the right edge and click it for more info). We've seen weeks of non-stop news and other weeks with little to nothing to write about - just be patient and I'm sure we'll have some new stuff to share soon.

2. Mars Base Gamma? - Well, I really, REALLY, tried hard to get it out by Oct 1, but Hurricane Ike put a kink in my plans - I have someone who helps me develop and test the CAD building instructions and unfortunately he was in the direct path of the hurricane when it hit. He's fine, house and family are fine, but the CAD images are just a bit behind. The good news is that I just saw a completed CAD image of the major element in this module so we're close - very close. Stay tuned.

3. New books? - Well, there is the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT: One-Kit Wonders book that is due out in November. 10 robots that can be built with the Retail kit. Some of you asked about me? Well, after Jonathan and I got done with the FLL: Unofficial Guide I got contracted to write a non-LEGO book that is taking ALL of my time... well, MOST... 90%... maybe 85%. No, definitely 90%. Good news is that it's scheduled to be completed by December 15th and after that I've got some NXT ideas floating around in my head.

That's all for now...



Dave Parker said…
Also note that several of the blog contributors are teachers and FLL coaches/mentors, and when school and FLL started, things got very busy there.

I also loaned my two NXT kits to my FLL teams for several weeks, so that they would have more parts to experiment and learn with, so I was without any NXT stuff myself for quite a while...

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