FLL: A Community Affair

Perry, Oklahoma has its very first FLL team this year.

There are thousands of FLL teams, of course, but Perry's FLL team involves a wide swath of the community:

1) A large corporation in town gave the team new computers, competition NXT kits, personal NXT kits for each participant and transportation costs to all of the team's competitions.

2) The local school houses the team's practice sessions, which are led by a math teacher, an engineer and NXTStep blogger Fay Rhodes.

3) Two local farmers spoke to the team of how climate change has affected their land and livestock.

4) The husband of a teacher built the team's competition table.

5) Several teachers attend the practice sessions and all of the parents are supportive and involved.

The photos in this post are from a recent practice session. QUESTION: How do you involve your community in your FLL team's efforts?


David Levy said…
What a great show of support from the community!

How is the team finding their vehicle's performance? Do the dual casters impede turning?
Fay Rhodes said…
Yes, they just modified that robot to use a single caster. Each of the two teams has two robots---all very different.

Our engineers are really good about guiding the students as they problem solve. It's slow, but offers the greatest educational benefit.

We leaders have SO much to learn---and our state competition is just 12 days away!

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