FLL Mission Overview Part 1 - Raise the Flood Barrier

This segment is the first of many that will discuss each of the FLL Climate Connections missions in depth. You can read about them here: http://firstlegoleague.org/community/fll/game.aspx

Sorry for the delay on this - school has been quite the time eater!

Objective: Find a way – not necessarily using the lever – so that the large flood barrier/LEGO plate is upright and the red lever is down.

Point Worth: 15 points

Mission Location: Top/Center, slightly offset to the left - just enough to get in the way of the first Find Alignment arrow!

Estimated Difficulty Level: 2/10

Time Length Rating: Low

Unique Challenge Aspects: While this challenge may seem pretty straightforward and simple, there are variables that may affect its completion. The Dual-lock is not perfect, so that the two ends may be shoved together particularly tight at one competition table, causing barrier to be really stiff; at the next table, the two ends might spread apart on another table so that the barrier is particularly loose! This is a simple thing to check for before the round; make sure you do! Remember that teams get at least one minute before the round to check on the table conditions.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the rest of the missions!



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