FLL Mission Overview Part 2 - Bury Carbon Dioxide (Carbon Sequestration)

Objective: Move the Carbon Dioxide (gray balls) to the Underground Reservoir (outlined square in the top left corner) so that the balls are touching the protruding outline or the mat inside the outline; the ball cannot touch the mat outside of it.

Point Worth: 5 points for each gray ball touching the Underground Reservoir.

Mission Location: The Carbon Dioxide (gray balls) are scattered throughout the table, generally near the vertical center. The Underground Reservoir corner is in the top left corner.

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Length Rating: 8/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: This mission looks like it will take quite a bit time since the balls are scattered all across the board. This is where good mission planning comes in; teams may be able to incorporate this mission with others to save time.

Also, the outline protrudes from the table surface quite a bit, so the robot cannot simply and easily “just” push the ball in. While this method is possible, other methods, perhaps more accurate, may be considered by a team.

Note: It does not matter what happens to the tires holding the gray balls in place; in fact, they can be removed as part of the stray objects rule.

Details here: http://firstlegoleague.org/community/fll/game.aspx


PS Make sure to read Jim's post below! Really good stuff :)


Max said…
It is possible to just push the balls over the barrier.
Robolab 2.9 said…
It is indeed possible... I just said teams may consider a different, possibly more accurate/less hectic, approach. But if you can just push the balls, go for it!


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