FLL Mission Overview Part 3 - Elevate the House, Turn Off the Lights, and Open a Window

While these are actually three missions, they all revolve around one object: the House.

Elevate the House

Objective: Have the house elevated (and the lever is pointing east) at the end of the match, when the referees score the table.

Point Worth: 25 points.

Mission Location: Between the north-west (top right) corner and the center of the table.

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Length Rating: 6/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: This mission is a straightforward one. However, we have noticed that our house has some slop in the gears so that if you choose to elevate the house by rotating the lever, the robot will need to push fairly hard to fight all the slop. This may vary from table to table, but this is another simple thing to check before you run!
Turn Off the Lights

Objective: Have the house window showing black. This is most easily done by hitting the lever on the most western side (to the right, away from Base).

Point Worth: 20 points.

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium-easy

Time Length Rating: 5/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: Another straightforward challenge, but they had to put it all the way on the far end of the table! Also note that when you elevate the house, the lever to turn off the lights and everything else goes up with it.
Open a Window

Objective: Have the house window all the way open. This is most easily done by rotating the rubber wheel counterclockwise.

Point Worth: 25 points.

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium-hard

Time Length Rating: 5/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: This slightly more difficult than the above, requiring the robot to find a way to rotate the black wheel - or find another means of opening the window. This too goes up when the house is elevated.

Good luck to all!



Max said…
This challenge seems to be the hardest ever. Do you think it's that way too? Do you think we'll see any 400s at World Festival? after?

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