FLL Mission Overview Part 4 - Find Agreement (Align the Arrows)

Objective: Point both arrows in the same direction, no matter which direction it is or which robots contributed to it.

Point Worth: 40 points.

Mission Location: North (top) wall, 11 inches away from the absolute center of the wall. The model's base should be centered across BOTH tables' walls, where they meet.

Estimated Difficulty Level: Hard

Time Length Rating: 9/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: This is possibly the most unique challenge this year. It is setup at the beginning of the match by the referee setting the arrows in a random direction, so that they are not pointing in the same way. Then, there is no gurantee that if you are able to complete the mission, the other team will not "uncomplete" it; in contrast, the other team may do the work for you. Also, the arrows are not particularly long, so that they overhang the wall very much. This will be quite the interesting mission to watch.



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