leJOS NXJ 0.7

Version 0.7 of leJOS NXJ is out!
leJOS NXJ is a full-blown mature Open Source Java platform for the NXT with a Java Virtual Machine that runs directly on the brick.
The new release
"includes a Windows installer to make installation a breeze for new users (the compressed-file distribution is also still available). New features include better USB support, no more using a paper clip to upload firmware, faster garbage collection, three new GUI tools, a brand new Tutorial, support for many new sensors, bug fixes and much more."

There's also preliminary support for mobile phone remote control and Monte Carlo Localization.

It's decidedly worthwhile to have a look!


BlueToothKiwi said…
How would you do Monte Carlo localization with so little resources on the NXT? Does it work?
Unknown said…
Well, I don't know much about that particular part, but the guys in the leJOS forum might be able to help out with dedicated info on that.

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