RoboCup Junior - Rescue (Australian Version)

We recently had our Australian Championships for RoboCup Junior. One of the divisions I'm heavily involved with is the rescue league. The robots need to navigate the maze of tiles to get to the 'chemical spill' (large green area). Once there, they need to 'rescue' the victim. (juniors just push it out, seniors have to lift it onto a platform).

The maze itself consists of a sequence of tiles, which are revealed to the participants just before each round. The sequence changes for each round and generally gets harder as the rounds go on. Plenty of NXT robots as well as RCX versions and a few hybrids and custom built robots.

This video was taken by one of our student referee helper over the two days.

Damien Kee


BlueToothKiwi said…
Damo - Thanks for sharing.

What is amazing about it is the number of different line following and rescue strategies different teams have tried - from a single sensor algorithm to the three light sensor methods.

I also like the team that had the guts to try the course with a non NXT robot - using an image sensor for the line detection.
Damien Kee said…
There were some fantastic robots there. The one that used the webcam also had 2x wiimotes to detect the victim.

He knew full well that the LEGO robots were more suited to the competition, but absolutely loved the chance to show off what he had achieved. We were all very impressed with it.
Robotica said…
nice robots indeed, I wish there are more robot using sensor like this in the FLL.

Kate said…
Nice one - I've linked it to the RCJ wiki for the rest of the committee to see.
Anonymous said…
Planned Game buddy. The most interesting part of it is that only/ The way they follow strategies to move on.
David Levy said…

Any special instructions on how to create the tiles?
Damien Kee said…
The tiles can be bought from one of our sponsors ( or they can be downloaded from the website

We designed the tiles to be 594mm square, which can be printed from an A1 printer. You can also print them on smaller sheets and assemble them yourself.

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