Robot Inspiration Series #14: Remote Controlled Robot

This week's inspiration is to build a robot that can be controlled by a human. Although remote controlled robots may seem relatively easy to program and perhaps build, they don't have to be. Building and programming the remote control system can be a big challenge by itself. In addition, a robot that is remote controlled can still have many autonomous functions so that the driver doesn't have too many things to keep track of. For example, since I'm competing in FTC, a competition involving remote controlled robots part of the time, I'm constantly looking for ways to program my team's robot to either help the driver or take care of functions entirely so that the driver doesn't need to worry about it.

One fun application of remote controlled robots is a Battle Bots game, where multiple robots try to flip or disable their opponents. Once I made a remote controlled robot to battle with some of my siblings' Spybots. Racing is another possible application of remote controlled robots. If you have a wireless camera to attach to your robot, you could make a robotic explorer that would let you explore a room while sitting at your computer.

Some robots you can use for inspiration include my PC-Controlled Robot, Jim's remote controlled robot with camera goggles, and Philo's Spy Camera Rover along with his NXT Joystick. There's lots of others out there, and feel free to comment with any good ones you know of!



Dave Parker said…
Note that remote control doesn't necessarily need to imply wireless remote control. If you don't have the parts for a wireless remote, you can still design lots of different wired remote controls. The web site has several designs for wired remote controls that can be built with a single NXT kit, including a game console like controller for the Claw Car with Game

Of course, wireless is better. Why don't we have a reliable, inexpensive, easy to use wireless remote for the NXT? Where do we complain to LEGO about this?! Honestly, given the target market for this product, it should come in the box. Everybody wants remote control, and this would go a long way towards keeping a lot of NXT kits from becoming shelfware.
Mike1 said…
Well, your phone is a easy to use remote. Most parents have a phone that is BT enabled that can control the NXT. Sadly, Nluetooth is probably complicated to make a simple remote that is sold with the NXT. It'll probably cost a lot...
Anonymous said…
I don't know about ya'll, but i love the pspnx wireless PS2 controller for controlling my robot. and the price,$50-$60 dollars (i think) is reasonable compaired to buying another nxt set that costs five times what the controller and sensor cost.

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