Vanishing Amazon Reviews

For some reason, all of the reviews for No Starch NXT books have vanished from Amazon.

As you can imagine, these reviews are pretty important---especially when buyers are being careful with their money. If you have enjoyed any of these books, you would be doing these NXT Step Blog authors a favor if you wrote a new review for the Christmas shopping season. The books (by Blog authors) missing reviews are:

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Idea Book (by NXT Step Bloggers)
Already a classic.
LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Zoo! (by Fay Rhodes)
These models require extra parts, but they're worth it!
FIRST LEGO League Unoffical Guide (by Jim Kelly and Jonathan Daudelin)
If you are leading an FLL program---and especially if you are a new coach---this book is wonderful!

Also, a new book of NXT models from contributors to the NXT Step Blog,
will be hitting the bookstores within days. All of the models included can be built with just the base kit, so it's the ideal Christmas present for someone who already has an NXT kit. And please review the book on Amazon, for discerning buyers.



Yeah I noticed that... it looks like they've fixed it now, though.

Anonymous said…
i like your conten, good, thanks

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