2009 FLL Challenge Introduced!!

Transforming Transportation

Can FIRST LEGO League teams transform the way we look at transportation? The key to the 2009 “Smart Move” Challenge is accessing people, places, goods and services in the safest, most efficient way possible. In this journey, teams will consider many modes of transportation beyond their daily routine and streamline their options by making smart moves!



Anonymous said…
Sounds interesting. I'm gonna see if I can persuade my Dad to coach me and some mates next season.
Also, does anyone have the UK site? I've tried everywhere, and I can't find a site where you can register. I it's too early now, but I was researching to see if I could participate this season and couldn't find anywhere with the UK costs.

Anonymous said…
Try this site

ThinkBrick said…
this should be great, I think FLL is trying to get more teams to use their sensors!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link!
Also, ThinkBrick, more sensor usage sounds good. I hope to participate next season, and I was concerned that sensors might not be used that much.
Max said…
more sensors would be good although encouraging the use of too many sensors would undermine the newbie spirit. If it gets too hard to use then we would see sign ups drop
Robolab 2.9 said…
Eh, Max, newbies can use sensors as well... I know new teams that have used the full range of sensors and done very well.


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