Calling all Teachers - Robotics eJournal

We are proud to announce a call for papers for the inaugural "Robotics in Education" e-Journal.

Articles will be sourced from the community (that's you girls and guys) and will also feature short interviews with robotics teachers as well as robotics researchers and robotic engineers from around the world.

With the Christmas break coming up for many, it is the perfect time to write an article. All articles will be reviewed by a small panel of robotics teachers and educators.

Articles could be based around a variety of topics, including but not
limited to:
- Robotics in Junior / Middle / Senior School
- Robotics in remote areas
- Robotics with limited resources
- Classroom resource management
- Working with disadvantaged students
- Working with Gifted and talented students.
- Reviews of robotics resources
- Robotics and girls / boys
- Robotics and Text based languages
- Robotics competitions
- etc.

Have you done something amazing / unusual with robotics in your class?
We love to have an article about that as well.

Once compiled, it will be available for free as a pdf download to anyone who is interested.

Deadline - 31st of January
Length - Approximately 4 pages
Formatting - Single column
- Times New Roman 12pt
- As many photos / graphs as you wish
Attribution - Please let us know if you would like us to also acknowledge your school. Please also ensure any photographs of children have the relevant permission to be published on the internet.

Please seriously consider writing an article. This community (and many other teachers around the world) possess an amazing amount of knowledge that can benefit so many others out there in the field. The success of such a journal will be heavily dependent on contributions from the community.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Damien Kee


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