Crazy Legs part 2

Slightly more creepy version of the anthropomorphic legs that I posted earlier.
I was able to get a more fluid motion out of the legs by not having the motor at the thigh wait for the completion of the motor at the knee.


David Levy said…
And now on to the torso and arms. :)
Anonymous said…
how does it balance?
David Levy said…
It's held up from overhead by wires attached to the two NXT bricks. As you lean the unit forward, a touch sensor on the ankle will trigger the leg to take a single step forward.
yeah at first I thought "wow how does that walk and balance so well" so I knew there had to be something. THen I thought "oh maby he wore green cloths and then took himself out" but them I was like "nah" and I noticed somethinge. I noticed the wire on the left side and then later the right side. It is pretty cool and even cooler if you eventually made one that could balance. :)

ps. btw I did not see david levy say there were wires. I did in fact find them on my own. Good Job this looks like something I want to try out :)
David Levy said…
In my earlier post I did say:

"Here's a fun project that simulates walking without the challenge of keeping the robot balanced and upright. "

I think if I focused on having the robot support its own weight then I would have ended up with a much smaller robot that would not be as lifelike in its locomotion.

So the big question now is " What to do next?. - focus on stability or do more of the same ( i.e. traverse stairs, karate kicks, radio city rockettes ....)
Anonymous said…
I was like "WOW! That's the most amazing thing ever..."

But then it lifter up into the air.

Still cool though ;)
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
I Want Programs For This robot Projict .
David Levy said…
Pretty simple. There is button sensor on the instep of each foot. You basically tilt the back leg forward until the shin section lowers onto the button. When the button is depressed then it triggers the following motor actions:
1) knee motor moves shin backwards until foot is off the ground
2) hip motor rotates leg fowards while -
3) knee motor moves shin forward until the foot is placed on the ground.

All this is done while you manually move the assembly forward giving the the current rear shin enough extension to depress the button sensor on the instep.

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