FLL Mission Overview Part 11 - Extract an Ice Core, Deliver an Ice Buoy, Study Wildlife, Beat the Clock, and Conclusion

Wrap up of the last 4 missions for the teams still going.

Objective: Pull the Ice Core out of the hole. For additional points, move it to Base.

Point Worth: 20 points for pulling it out of the hole. 10 points for moving it back to Base.

Mission Location: Center East, on the Reasearch Area.

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium - Hard

Time Length Rating: 7/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: This precision-required mission is conveniently placed on the far end of the table. Also, veteran teams may notice this Ice Core is actually smaller than previous "rings" used before - this possibly makes it even more difficult to pick up.


Objective: Move the Ice Buoy to the Research Area (Ice crater), so that it ends upright.

Point Worth: 25 points.

Mission Location: Starts in the North West corner (top right).

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium.

Time Length Rating: 5/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: The Ice Buoy itself is an interesting shape. Its round shape may make it difficult to grip, and it is somewhat difficult to get to, surrounded by the Levee Tester, the Underground Reservoir, and the Levees.


Objective: Move the polar bear and/or snowmobile to the Research Area.

Point Worth: Polar Bear - Upright: 15 points, Asleep (fallen over): 10 points; Snowmobile: 10 points, no matter upright or on its side.

Mission Location: Research Area (bottom left corner).

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium Easy.

Time Length Rating: 3/10.

Unique Challenge Aspects: This mission provides a good oppurtunity to combine challenges to save time. Balancing the polar may provide a little difficulty for some teams, but it is only an extra 5 points.


Objective: Move the robot to the research area or yellow grid area.

Point Worth: 15 points if the robot is in the research area. 10 points if the robot is in the yellow grid area.

Mission Location: Research area (bottom right corner) and yellow grid area (center top).

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Length Rating: 3-5/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: For the research area aspect, this is a reintroduction of an all-terrain mission. Also, beware the ice blocks that are floating before the actual research area - the robot may slip! Note how the Ice crater doesn't actually touch the wall; the robot cannot directly follow the wall as was done in years before. The yellow grid area is not as tricky to get to, but worth only 5 points less.



I hope everyone has found these Mission Overviews useful. I would like to wish all the teams who are finished with this season a congratualations - and those who have not yet competed or have advanced to the next round: good luck!

There is still a forum dedicated to FLL here on The NXT Step - discuss your teams' results, share ideas, talk about acts of Gracious Professionalism.

We're still looking for that first 400 team... has anyone see one yet?



BäckaOne. said…
Which point is the highest point in the world right now?

// BäckaOne
Anonymous said…
Da Peeps in the Michigan State Championship tournament in Flint. (Michigan has two State Championships due to the number of teams) Scored a 395. We participated in the Novi State Championship, and the highest on the board was a 340.

Robolab 2.9 said…
Your link got cut off...

BäckaOne. said…
Then our 375 point run isn't so bad at all.

// BäckaOne
Anonymous said…
Link works, just copy and paste in address bar. Don't know how to make a hyperlink in the blog.
Anonymous said…
I thought the highest point in the world right now is mount everest?

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