FLL Mission Overview Part 9 - Deliver the Ice Core Drilling Machine

Objective: Move the core drilling machine to the research area (bottom right corner). For additional points, raise the drill assembly.

Point Worth: 20 for moving the drill marchine to the research area. 10 more for raising the drill.

Mission Location: Starts top right corner. Needs to be moved to bottom right corner.

Estimated Difficulty Level: Medium

Time Length Rating: 5/10

Unique Challenge Aspects: This mission is placed nicely in a corner, but on the other side of the table from the Base. This is a mission I can see having many solutions on how to move it: picking it up? pushing it? and how to get it into the research area: dragging it? pushing? And whether teams find a way to raise the drill or not. Rated 5/10 for time length because it's on the other side of the table, and medium difficulty for finding a way to move that drill.



Max said…
Just to clarify, raising the assembly is an independent mission. It also can be completed by hand in base.

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