NXT Battery Use Comparison

Here are test results comparing the life and power of two different battery types: the NXT rechargeable vs. conventional AA batteries.
(Your mileage may vary, as they say).

Which type do you use and why? Has anyone compared the life and power of AA rechargeables with non-rechargeable AAs?


Anonymous said…
I use the rechargeable, because I thought it would be cheaper than buying and replacing normal AAs. However, on buying Power Functions pieces, I was surprised by how good the battery life was.
Also, the rechargeable can be plugged in whilst using the NXT, so it can be useful for robots on for a long time.
If you leave space on your bot for plug access, it can save you having to destroy your robot to change batteries! :D

Anonymous said…
The better batteries are the Lithium E2 Energizers compared to the alkies is nite and day, pluss the E2 Lithium have 1.7v that puts the NXY at it top V of about 10.2 and weighs less than all and any other battery made. These are toss away i use them when weight, size and power is needed. Every day use i just use NiMH
Blog said…
I prefer to use normal NiMH batteries as they are much better in some ways than the battery pack. Most NiMH batteries are 1400 mAH (mine arn't though...) and have a higher voltage than ~8.2 (About fully charged). The battery pack also seems a bit more pricey than normal NiMH.
Anonymous said…
If I recall properly, I don't believe the NXT rechargable gives full power on the first couple of uses. If the test didn't account for this the results could be off somewhat.

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