DIY project combining programming and construction

You know, sometimes you just wish you could go back to college to take that ONE class... in my case, it would be this one. (This is, of course, assuming I went to MIT, which I did not).

Kids - keep playing with your NXT and learning, learning, learning - the tools (okay, toys) you'll have access to when you get to college/university are going to be beyond anything I was ever allowed to experiment with - the video is funny, but the underlying truth here is that with enough skill and interest, you can make some pretty cool stuff.

More details here.

One More Thing: What would you pay for the chance to take a class called "How to Make (almost) Anything"?


BTW - MIT always has some of the coolest classes. This type of class should be taught everywhere.
WOW I want to go to MIT that is a cool class. I would love to make stuff. All sorts of ways to build it also. Doesnt MIT have nxt classes? I need to look at some of the stuff there. I agree it should be tought everywhere
Unknown said…
"with enough skill and interest, you can make some pretty cool stuff"
Jim, you are right - but I'd add "time" and "perseverance" to it.
Mike1 said…
I'm pretty sure MIT made the mindstorms line as well as made the NXT. * sigh * I wish they had those classes for everyone in CA. Also I wish I had time to attend those classes! :D
Anonymous said…
I'd pay too much to go on that course!
Of course, I'd have to emigrate first.
Why does America have all the good things?
Perhaps they do courses like that in the UK. Definitely something to consider.
Pity it's only a one term (you Americans use semesters though) course i.e. 3 months.


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