Bobcat from the One Kit Wonders book

I recently received the Author copy of the ‘NXT One-Kit Wonders’ book from the publishers. The book looks really neat and we are really proud of it. It is well bound and the printing and imagery are crisp and clear.

If you got your first NXT kit over Xmas and you are reading this, consider ordering a copy. It has some excellent reviews already and well worth the $19.77 special from Some of the larger books shops are starting to stock it in their shelves as well.

One of the coolest models in the book is the BobCat that can be built with a single NXT kit. The BobCat is pretty unique model and both the skid steer and the arm works really neatly and it is really nice to watch it in action.

My kids had great fun building the Bobcat from the Book. They adopted it to carry drinks from one part of the house to the other:


Anonymous said…
It does not look like has any in stock.
Laurens Valk said…
It looks like Amazon does have them stocked again now:
BlueToothKiwi said…
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BlueToothKiwi said…
Thanks Laurens.

Also, if they run out at amazon again, there are other amazon partners in the link I posted who stock it too - some of them a dollar cheaper.

If you are getting it from other providers in the marketplace It is always good idea to check their feedback ratings and shipping policies before ordering it - especially from some of the smaller traders in the MarketPlace.
Anonymous said…
This Book is cool!!!!!!!!

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