Comparison Data Logging with NXT-G 2.0

While Brian overheats and I freeze to death, I'll show you an example of comparison data logging with the sound sensor and NXT-G 2.0.

The faint, wavy yellow line is my prediction of what my voice would sound like (graphically speaking) if I counted to ten, speaking into the sound sensor that's connected to the brick in another room. (To be honest, I just drew a squiggly line across the screen, but we'll call it a prediction for purposes of contrast).

The solid line with sharp peaks and valleys is the graphical depiction of my actual voice, rising as I speak and dropping off in the silences in between.

As you can see, my "prediction" is woefully out of sync with my actual voice. Both the predictive and actual lines are overlaid for comparison. You can see the minimum, maximum and mean for each data set if you click the graphic.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm, NXT-G 2.0 looks a LOT better than I had previously thought, I may consider buying it then...

Anonymous said…
I asked this question over at the forum but thought I'd try here as well. I just loaded NXT-G 2.0 and upgraded my firmware. I tested the datalogging using the sound sensor and it worked fine. My legacy temp sensor however doesn't work. This is the older temp sensor which requires the NXT converter cable. Is LEGO trying to get me to buy their new LEGO temp sensors? If so, I don't think it's worth it since thanks to Brian, we've learned how to write the programs but it would be nice to have the real time graphing.
Rick Rhodes said…
Well, I'm sure that LEGO would prefer that you upgrade your sensor...that's how they stay in business. :)

Regardless, the new temp sensor clearly has better specs than the old sensor.

Compared with the old one, the new sensor has a higher sensing range: -20 to +120°C, compared to -20 / +50°C for the old one.

Also, the new sensor's probe is much longer than that of the old sensor. Moreover, the new sensor's measurements are likely to be more precise than those of the old one. (Hard to say, since I don't have specs for the older sensor).
Anonymous said…
Yeah yeah yeah I figured as much...but it means more money spent lol and my other sensors are not even a year old yet! If you knew how much I spent recently at LEGO Education (Thankfully before they hiked up their prices), you wouldn't be suggesting I spend more. Ha Ha Ha.

Rick Rhodes said…

Newton's Iron Law of the Universe: Technology upgrades occur immediately after you've purchased the older version. :)
Anonymous said…
Where can you get it?

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