Happy New Year

To our readers,

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2009 is a good one for all of you. Most of us are still on break/holiday, but The NXT Step will resume shortly with news and information related to your favorite robotics kit.

If you received an NXT robotics kit recently and have just discovered The NXT Step, you've got a LOT of reading to catch up on :) Just kidding, but we do have over 3 years of archived postings for you to sift through - and we invite you to join our forum where you can comment, post questions, answer questions, and discuss the NXT with others.

Again, Happy New Year and thanks for your support and participation.



Anonymous said…
At least your blog is still covering the nxt. Most of the other ones I read look like they shut down. nxtasy hasnt posted anything new since Nov17. I think the nxt might be in danger of becoming a forgotten product after 2-plus years. Thanks for keeping up the good work.
Len said…
I'm just getting into the mindstorms this Christmas, so I'll be reading your back issues for awhile to come. Ever think of doing a "best-of nxt step" post?
BlueToothKiwi said…
That is a really good idea and I had the same thought about 18 months ago when I first came across TheNXTStep blog as a reader.

The problem with your idea is that it is really hard to do that when you have 30 odd contributors and thousands of entries. It will be a mammoth task!! What criteria would we use to decide what is Best?

Happy New Year!
Len said…
Yes, a mammoth task indeed! It wouldn't have to be scientifically valid. Personal bias is just fine.

Perhaps the primary contributors could individually put forward a top 5 list (or whatever) of their favourite articles, with the word "favourite" meaning whatever they want it to mean. Compile all of lists into one big list and publish it.

Personally, as a new reader I am primarily interested in cool project ideas and hacks, like mashing up the wii remote with mindstorms. The blog categories certainly make it easier to filter the archives this way, but I wonder about what I'm missing ...
Use our Search feature near the top and search on "Data Logging" and you should find most of Brian Davis' reports on some of his more fun endeavors... maybe others can recommend their favorites or at least keywords?


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