James Jessiman Memorial Award for 2008 awarded to Philippe (Philo) Hurbain

The SteerCo is pleased to announce that the James Jessiman Memorial Award (JJMA) for 2008 will be awarded to Philippe (Philo) Hurbain. As a prolific contributor to the LDraw Parts Library, Philo has contributed not only numerous parts but has also given his many software tools to aid in the creation of parts to the LDraw community. His dedication to reviewing parts has further facilitated the addition and improvement of many other parts to the library. In particular it is fair to say that, without Philo’s work, building modern Technic and NXT models in LDraw would be a significantly poorer experience. Overall Philo has, perhaps more than any other single person, made the parts library which forms the foundations of the LDraw experience into a better resource through his invaluable contributions of parts, tools and reviewing.

On behalf of all the NXT authors, I would like to add my thanks to Philo for his unselfish effort to create ldraw NXT parts---without which it would not have been possible to publish building instructions for our NXT designs.

Philo has a website full of cool things--- www.philohome.com. Learn more about LDraw at www.ldraw.org.


Anders Søborg said…
Congratulations philo - you deserve it!
Mike1 said…
Congrats Philo! I would be stuck without a CADing software that I can use for NXT without you!
Awesome Philo! Congratulations! I'm very thankful of your hard work and I hope to see you active in the mix for years to come!

Chris Smith
Anonymous said…
He certainly deserves it! Think about all the work he's done: PF parts, MINDSTORMS parts, software for projecting flat images to round shapes,...
It's amazing! Truly deserved and well done Philo!

TechnicBRICKs said…
Well done, Philo!

Congratulations for your efforts and dedication!

Fernando Correia
Anonymous said…
Thanks everybody!

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