Nokia Research Center uses NXT

The Nokia Research Center is using the NXT as the robotic platform in a robot named Jeppe. Jeppe is a domestic pet robot designed for telepresence applications to allow a person to be virtually present, though that person is absent, which allows a more interactive form of video conferencing. The following video shows Jeppe perform:

The Jeppe robot has the following capabilities:

- make video calls (2 way audio, 1 way video)
- has 6 pre-defined gestures for movement
- can be controlled to move via a Nokia Internet Tablet, but only in the same WLAN (so far)

Below is a schematic of how Jeppe works.

The makers of Jeppe also request for help to develop it further, including:

- to be remotely controlled via the internet
- allow for users to create their own gestures
- allow Jeppe to move independently through knowing its position
- gather data (from surroundings, devices, etc) and transmit to users

You can go here to express your interest to help collaborate. Go here to learn more about the Jeppe project.


Unknown said…
Well ... it's more or less a mobile camera with speaker and microphone that can be controlled via the internet in the end, right?
Kirk Backstrom said…
>Well ... it's more or less a mobile camera
>with speaker and microphone that can be controlled
>via the internet in the end, right?

Yep. But another example of the NXT being used as a robotic platform of choice in a professional application.
Unknown said…
I'd guess they use it for rapid prototyping, don't they?
And NXT is well suited for that indeed.

In the end, the final product will not use a NXT, I suppose.

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