Jan 30, 2009

NXT 2.0 Color Sorter Video


Pe-ads said...

I STILL can't work out what those additional sensor(s) are for on the bottom. I think it's a touch, though I have no idea why it would be there.
Nice bot anyway, though I'm not sure why it put green in a separate container from the other green.
I'm really looking forward to this, especially the new software that comes with it.
Also, the New York International Toy Fair is coming soon, so I assume we'll have more pictures/videos then.


Jbrost said...

I'd say there are definitly 2 touch sensors (one for the hopper and one for the spinning disk thing), and it looks to me like they are used to help keep the spinning platform and the ball hopper in their correct alignment. That seems reasonable to me, doing it 100% using the built-in encoders may cause it to get slightly off after being used for a long time. Then again, what do I know, it's just my best guess.

Pe-ads said...

Yeah, that sounds right.
I had assumed it came with 2 touches, but I wasn't sure. I think I prefer 2 touches over 1 touch and a sound. Sound sensors were useless except in fancy science things: they had no practical purpose.


Anonymous said...

This was done with the new 2.0 set? Is the color sensor any better in this set as opposed to the hitech color sensor?

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