NXT-G 2.0 Available in the UK

It's still not available in the U.S. One UK link is here.

The aforementioned link is from a British company called "Active Robots". A couple of years ago, I ordered an NXT supplemental set from them. (The set was sold out in the US). A person from Active Robots emailed me immediately, to inform me that the set was available for a lower price elsewhere. Any company willing to cancel a sale so that the customer can save money elsewhere is a good company.

Let us know if 2.0 is available where you live.


Unknown said…
In Germany, it's available now for around 75 EURO (single license).
Isn't this the one that came out a long time ago? I think I already bought this upgrade awhile ago.

Anonymous said…
It says it is "Temporarily out of stock" but LEGO education/PITSCO DOES have it on their website for sale. http://www.legoeducation.com/store/detail.aspx?CategoryID=159&by=9&ID=1670&c=1&t=0&l=0

They also had a site-license available for sale with the same "Temporarily out of stock" notation.

I was able to add it to my shopping cart and start the checkout process, so it looks like you CAN buy it, but who knows how long it will take to actually get it.

Rick Rhodes said…

Yes, when I mentioned that it's unavailable here, I meant that it's "out of stock" in the US. If past experience is any indication, then Lego Ed will be out of stock for a long time. :(


Version 2.0 has built-in data-logging features, like a viewer for data graphs. It also has exportable "My Block" capabilities, which weren't present with version 1.1.

This version was always scheduled for release in January 2009.

Ah, yeah I was thinking of v 1.1.

Anonymous said…
I might pass on this one. I'm learning NXC, so NXT-G might be obsolete for me, as I prefer C-style programming as opposed to GUI programming (weird, I know). In the meantime, though, I'll have to use NXT-G.
Does anyone know if it fixes the problems for Mac? 1.0 is really slow, Bluetooth download doesn't work, and it just developed an error so it crashes when I open or start a program.
Also, £43.92 is waaaaay too expensive. I mean, I could buy 3 motors for that and £2 more!
Will they ship it with new Mindstorms sets? If so, it means it's more of an incentive for me to get a new set.

Anonymous said…
I run NXT Gv1.1 on a Mac (now on an iMac) and have never had any problems w/ Bluetooth or the software.

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