NXT SALE - Last 2 1/2 Days

If you missed a Christmas gift for a special someone, here's your chance to make everything better! The Scholastic.com eStore has limited quantities and only a couple of days to go before the sale ends. Here's the details:

Online Coupon - 25% Off the 'LEGO Mindstorms NXT'
Coupon Code: ACCESS01
Expiration: 01-23-2009

***Enter the coupon code during checkout to receive the discount. This coupon is only valid at store.Scholastic.com.


Brian O. Bush said…
Thank you very much. Order placed!
Len said…
If only I lived in the United States!
Anonymous said…
If only my dad had the money... (And I would pay him when I earned the money... I might have had to pay him the full price though...)

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