"Science and Data Logging": First Look

This is a new curriculum by Carnegie-Mellon, designed to introduce students to data logging with NXT-G 2.0. Included are lesson plans and video tutorials for the following experiments:

1)Motion: Program a mobile robot to obey the posted speed limit
2)Heat: Investigate how effectively various materials block radiant heat
3)Sound: Investigate the sound sensor's response to different kinds of sounds
4)Light and Color: Investigate whether or not your robot can detect "rust" and "mold" in narrow "ventilation ducts"
5)Light: Program your robot's light sensor to detect structural weaknesses on the underside of a "bridge"

The curriculum includes high-quality instructional videos, student worksheets, quizzes and an extensive teacher's guide. Purchase includes a classroom license.

A VIDEO that features the motion experiment is here.

BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS for the stand used in the sound investigation are here.

An OVERVIEW of the curriculum is here.


Mike1 said…
Is it me or is that temperature sensor just so happen to be plugged into a motor port? Quite odd... :P I don't think LEGO would ever recommend that.
Anonymous said…
I don't wknow why, but when I follow the link to the video of the motion sensor, it leads me to what appears to be a blank page. There is also a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it. (I don't think it means there's nothing there...) Anyone else have this problem? (How about a solution?)
Anonymous said…
That link worked fine for me. I'm using Firefox on an iMac. It's a video of using datalogging to determine speed of the robot.
Rick Rhodes said…

I just tested the motion experiment video on two platforms (Vista and Mac OS) and on four different browsers: Firefox, Explorer, Opera and Safari. Everything checked out fine.

It could be that your browser needs updating with the latest flash update. Otherwise, I'm at a loss as to why you're not seeing it.
Anonymous said…
I tried it again. It still doesn't seem to work. Also, I have never heard of an ".swf" file before... and I suspect it would help if you knew I was using internet explorer on a vista computer, but you tried that... What driver do you think I need? (I hope that I can get it for free. I am trying to save for new sensors, parts, multiplexers, etc. I don't know which to purchase first.)
Rick Rhodes said…

The ability to play .swf files is within your browser. If your Explorer browser is up to date, it should play the file automatically.

I'd suggest going to the "overview" link within this post and clicking on the "motion lesson" preview. If that doesn't work, then the other option is to use another browser (like Firefox).

Hope this helps.
Rick Rhodes said…

Just thought of something else. The "swf" file the link points to is, in effect, a pop-up window. If your browser is set to block pop-up windows, then you may not be able to access it.
Anonymous said…
I tried your suggestions, but it didn't work. (I would have tried Firefox, but it is installed on my old (ancient) laptop, which has been disconnected from the internet for numerous reasons. Other web browsers are unavailable to me at the moment. I have been contacting you from my dad's laptop, and I don't think he wants me installing things on it without his permission.)

I also tried double-clicking the error icon, and got more info on the problem:
Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: Object expected
URL: http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/previews/
Rick Rhodes said…

Go to:


and follow the links to the motion video.

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