Software tools for legacy MINDSTORMS products

Philo, the new (well-deserving) lauréat of the James Jessiman Memorial Award of, has published a site where you can download the tools for the legacy MINDSTORMS products that LEGO® has stopped supporting: RCX™, Scout™ and Spybotics™.
LEGO® removed these tools from their web site in 2008, so this site of indefatigable Philo will be welcome by all the people that are still developing for these products.
It features

  • the MINDSTORMS SDK 2.5
  • updated USB tower drivers
  • RIS 2.0 XP patch
Note: as Philo states on his site, usage of these tools is completely at your own risk.


I was using the Spybotics pages of the LEGO site on the afternoon it was removed (they deleted it mid-click). It's a shame this stuff could be lost if it was not offered by folks like Philo. I always download everything I can because of this very reason.

Anonymous said…
Is there any Hardware Developer Kit for Spybotics? Or only the SoftwareDK?
Anonymous said…
No HDK for Spybotics. But there was a paper in Elektor magazine a few years ago on the way to hack it. Sorry, I don't have the reference at hand

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