Treads available for LDraw

Philo, MCP and relentless Wizard of LDraw parts, has published LDraw files for the treads contained in the NXT Education supplemental kit (other configurations of the treads can be found here and here).
Hence you can model your NXT robots that run on these treads now in LDraw.

Thanks, Philo!


Unknown said…
Don't you mean TREADS?
These are the newly designed hand-knitted "threads" that are the rage of fashion robotic accessories in the Black Forest right now.

Unknown said…
Chris, in the Black Forest, the t(h)reads would have been carved of wood.

Thanks for hinting that to me - me German, me no good speak English. ;)
(corrected it)
Laurens Valk said…
I always make the same mistake when I try to spell that word, so it must be this side of the atlantic... (OK, the channel)


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