WeDo sensors and NXT

The LEGO WeDO set - discussed in previous posts - was made for the classroom, but it comes with two little sensors that can be used in NXT robots too. The set includes a tilt sensor as well as a proximity sensor. With a converter cable, it is possible to read the sensors using the NXT brick.

The video below illustrates the two sensors. Based on the (analog) sensor value, a tone is played. The signal from the tilt sensor is rather discrete - it only tells you wether it points up, down, left, right or wether it is held parallel to the ground.

The proximity sensor responses to changes in relative distance quite fast, making it a good solution for movement detection

Here's a diagram of the converter cable by Daniel Wittenaar (MCP):

Caution: Do not use this cable to connect a battery pack to your NXT. This will damage your NXT instantly.

Other than that, you can safely use this cable to connect PF sensors and Motors to the NXT.


danlevy said…
Does anyone here know to what extent WeDo and NXT can interoperate? Can the WeDo software be used to control the NXT intelligent brick? Can the NXT software operate a WeDo controller?
Robotica said…
hi danlevy,

unfortunately the two platforms are developed separately.
so NO and NO , however maybe in the future we can see other (non LEGO) programing solutions.

This sensor cable hack, is also to your own risk. please note that if you connect it wrong you can damage your NXT and lose warrenty.

AahzChi said…
I connected the tilt-sensor with a mindstorms-cable. How can i access the tilt-values in BricxCC?

I tried:
SetSensorMode(IN_1, SENSOR_MODE_RAW);

I can see a dependence of the value on the movement, but the value changes very fast between high and low numbers. Any idea?

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