Black NXT!!!!: What’s NXT?

Today LEGO is launching the long awaited Black NXT brick! The limited edition black brick is being launched as part of the MINDSTORMS 10 year anniversary.

Only 1998 of the limited edition have been manufactured and being sold. [The magic number, 1998 also happens to be the year the original MINDSTORMS was launched].

LEGO has said that they have seen a popular demand for the Black NXT, so they made an exclusive run of them.

If you want to purchase a Black NXT before they run out, you will be able to order them from  for $169. I think there is a free shipping option for US customers.

It will also be sold through the LEGO shop@Home for customer living in Canada and USA.

It is a shame they did not make matching black motors and sensors to go with it – but still – you can make some really cool robots using the black NXT and some black TECHIC pieces. 

In the coming weeks we will be sharing some really cool black models that incorporates the black NXT.

Have a great black Friday!

New Zealand


TechnicBRICKs said…
Really hope we'll have the chance to order it, also from S@H Europe.

Otherwise, either it as to be ordered from US (paying heavy custom taxes), or the profit will again be left for some speculators at BrickLink...
6nichcar said…
Oh man these are awesome! If I could I'd get one shipped over here to Taranaki.
Robotica said…
too bad that it is only for sale from the USA even on the LEGO site.

lego website

KK said…
I got an email from, it looks like they are offering it as well. Free shipping as well.

This looks cool, but I'll have to pass on just a color change.

- KK
BlueToothKiwi said…
I heard that LEGO is only utilizing the two online sales channels (i.e. LEGO site and for this Limited Edition.

I know you can still order from (USA) from offshore - but have restrictions on certain types of items for shipping to certain non US countries.

Robotica - Given you are in the Netherlands - it is a bit funny that if you order a Black NXT - it will go from Billund to USA, and then get shipped back to Europe again !!
Will M said…
I think $180 is a bit too steep for a recolored NXT. It would be cool if LEGO could make faceplates in different colors that you could swap out (A clear one to display the internals would be awesome!)
Robotica said…
more news from the LEGO MINDSTORMS web site

Once you have bought and received your new Black NXT you will get access to additional materials like a special-made program for the Black NXT, a personal certificate of ownership, wallpapers, as well as building instructions for special models.

In the coming weeks we will show what other users have already made with their Black NXT – here’s a first peak.

NXTDude said…
I would buy it...but not really worth the price, even with the bonus items. still wicked awesome though! it would be neat if it included 3 black motors/sensors...then i would probably buy it =)
Unknown said…

actually, it even doesn't get shipped - does not deliver this item outside the United States.
BlueToothKiwi said…
Sorry MP. I stand corrected.

Unknown said…
If you buy it, don't throw away the box!
After digging around the web, and almost giving up on "How do I get the supposed exclusive downloads?", I found a photo of the easily-overlooked black sticker (on the box) that has the URL for the downloads.
Not that the downloads are a big treasure-trove or anything, but after what we paid...
Paul NeoStormer said…
Just bought the last one!

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