Climate Connections Perfect run 400 points

Technobotts³ Preparation for the UK Final

This year the Technobotts3 FLL team had a fairly successful regional heat, they walked away with two trophies: Robot design award and 2nd place overall. With 280 points they had qualified for the UK finals in Loughborough.
Encouraged by the unreliability of their old robot, the team voted for yet another total redesign. Although this may sound a bit risky, they had also done it two years ago before the finals, to great success.
So it came as no great surprise that the first ever practice run with our new robot achieved a score we were aiming for 400! And here's the video of us getting 400 in only 130 seconds.

Well done !!

(Origional post by NXTBoy)



That's nice to see someone's been able to get it in practice... I wonder if they or anyone else will be able to do it at a tournament.

Dave Parker said…
Very nice! Glad to see somebody finally did it and posted a video to prove it was possible. They made raising the house by the lever look almost effortless, which it is not (takes a lot of force actually). If you're not watching carefully you almost miss it. Very cool.

BTW, we found the house's resistance to raising to vary significnatly with different field sets. Hopefully they get a good house at their next tournament!
Anonymous said…
Nice job, they really made it look easy.

Good luck!
Unknown said…

That is amazing! I love how they aligned the arrows! That is definitely how I'd do it if I ever decide to go hassenplug!

Anonymous said…
Sidneys1, what does "if I ever decide to go hassenplug" mean?
Anonymous said…
Sometimes, I wonder how much of the design came from the kids and how much of it came from the adults.

That's an insult to the kids - how do you know they didn't do this themselves? I know plenty of teams who have done some major design work without any help from adults.

Anonymous said…
Very few adults involved in FLL are any good at building with LEGO. If the design is really good its usually a sign that kids did the work.

The thing about most FLL challenges is that they always appear hard at the start. But if you work hard, or are lucky, you have a eureka moment and it suddenly becomes obvious and easy. My team had an easier time with this challenge than the last.

Weird thing about the arrows is how many teams thought this was an "encourage sensor use" mission. Try as I might I have not found a reasonable way to solve the mission that uses sensors.

If you want to make catty comments about peoples accomplishments it would be less cowardly to use your own name.
Eric said…
I can assure you that all of the design came from "the kids". Hopefully, others will not decide ot use an identical robot
Anonymous said…
Very nice! Our team came to the same solution on the arrows, and our state finals were in December. Last year we also had 400 runs in practice but best at tournament was 385, (we missed getting the solar panel on the house). This year we only did 345 in practice and 285 in a tournament (if I remember right). Very nice solution on the house. raising the house is difficult, and you made it look easy. Also pulling the ice core with with using the blue line, we had problems with it binding and not be able to pull it out. There was a few time we got to the core, but did not pull it, or it stuck then released and the bot through it across the table.

We found this year to be much tougher on time. I think this the intent on game designers. Too many 400 last year. I also think that will probably be the last year we see the base in the middle of the board.

Good Luck at the tournament, Good Work!.
David Levy said…
The kids in the video seem old enough to have done this work all on their own. You really have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, "inappropriate FLL adult intervention" is a topic that has rarely if ever been discussed on this blog or accompanying forums.
Therefore I would suggest that future thoughts on this should be made in the FLL General Discussions board in a manner that does not implicate any individual teams.

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