Interactive Speech Utility for the NXT?

This company claims to make an interactive speech utility for the NXT.

Has anyone used this? More info is here.


Rick Rhodes said…
I just found a brief tutorial for the software here.
Rick Rhodes said…
Here's another section of the tutorial.
Anonymous said…
I downloaded and installed the speech utility, but when I went to try it out, I recieved a notification by my computer that I needed a "speech to text" utility. Does anyone know of a free one of these? Otherwise, I think this Speech tool will be useless.
Unknown said…
This is very interesting, although it is not clear to me whether this runs entirely on the NXT brick (which is hard to believe) or on a PC. In the latter case, can the PC talk to the brick via bluetooth? or must it be connected via USB?

Kevin Knuth
and Robot's
Anonymous said…
It appears you need MS Speech Recognizer and Text-to-Speech software. I can see how it would work. However, I assume the MS programs are not free, so this probably won't work for me :(

Anonymous said…
Thank you for your interest in GoTalk, I'm writing from Agilingua, the maker of GoTalk.
Sorry that our website is not very well laid out so you have some questions.

First of all, yes, as Pe-ads said, you need Misrosoft speech recognizer to use Gotalk and it is free if you are a Windows user. It should be on your OS but if not, you can download from the MS website.
The tutorial tells you how to do it, as well.

Sorry that you could not find the tutorial easily.

We also have our Blog at so please visit and leave comment, critics, questions and anything.

You can use GoTalk for free for 15 days, please try out and we will appreciate your review.

Thank you,
Anonymous said…
I think it would be better to have this run on the NXT instead of a computer, mainly because some users are using desktops and those who have laptops might not want their NXTs slowed due to the weight of their laptops. There is also a problem with the distance that can be traveled from a computer with Bluetooth (still not connecting... I'll try USB again...) and USB. (Great news. Your robot is six feet away from your computer and connected with a five foot cord. And its taking your computer for a drag.)

There is also a problem with speech recognition software. If you start dictating to your computer, it may think you said something else. (I stopped using my Speech Recognition software after repeatedly saying "undo," as in undo the last action, which it interpreted as type a random word that sound something like undo)

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