LEGO Flexpicker

Chris S. sent news of his 4-NXT-Brick version of a commercial/industrial robot called the ABB Flexpicker. Link to the video is here.


Anonymous said…
I don't get it- what does it do?
Anonymous said…
I'm assuming, based on the video, that it is a object moving device with a high degree of manoverability.
Shep said…
It is a commercially available pick and place industrial robot. It is considered the fastest robot of its type.

My robot is a slow turtle compared to the real ones. I have to run the motors at about 35% because I loose accuracy and it just gets too bouncy.

Check this out:

This thing rocks!
That is amazing. It surprized me the first time it moved and stretched itself. Very good and highly accurate robot. Great creation good job.
Anonymous said…
Very awesome.
The accuracy was brilliant, and the arm in itself was an engineering feat! I wouldn't have enough Lego to build the tower that holds the arm in place, let alone the rest!
Also, Shep, do you mind posting a video of you Remote Controlling it? It would be great.

Thanks for a great video. Well made, no annoying rock music, and displaying the info well
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful robot. I'd guess its not being remote controlled but using a colour light sensor to detect the blocks to put them in the right place.

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