Feb 21, 2009

New sensors from MindSensors.com

The development lab webpage from Mindsensors.com tells us that they are working on three new sensors for the NXT. You can read about two more in a previous post.

Line Sensor for NXT (NXTLineLeader)
"This is actually an array of sensors with controlled light source, to detect a line. The sensor will be easy to mount on your NXT robot, facing ground, looking for a line. The possibilities of an agile, fast robot, precisely maneuvering the arena are limitless."

PF Motor controller for NXT (PFMate)
"PFMate is designed to be a closely integrated controller for PF motors.
This device will attach to your PF IR receiver, and controls PF motors with high reliability. It is designed to attach to one receiver, however you can control upto 4 receivers, by mounting it at a distance.
Using this controller you will be able to control speed, direction and braking/floating actions of PF motors."

"This is an encased version of the popular NXTServo.
Just like NXTServo, this can control 8 RC Servo motors and has on-board programming capability (freeing up your main NXT processor from repetitive motion control tasks)."

The PFMate is close to the final stage and should be released fairly soon. I'll make another blog post on that one soon as well.

1 comment:

NeoStormer said...

I've been currently testing out the NXTLineLeader sensor, I'm very impressed by it's abilities, it's really useful for line following competitions like RoboRAVE.

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