NXT-G 2.0 Datalogging

I've had the chance to have a good play around with the new education version of the software, in particular the datalogging aspect.

Whilst it's possible to do datalogging in previous versions (check out some of Brian's amazing posts) the new version ties it all together in a nice GUI that I think will appeal to many teachers.

Each experiment has it's own Configuration panel where you can specify the sampling rate, overall experiment length and the sensors you'll be using.

Once setup, you can run the experiment in either Real-time or remote mode. Real-time allows you to see the data as it's captured whereas remote allows you to download the experiment, take the NXT to another location and upload the data once the experiment is finished.

NXT-G2.0 produces some nice graphs and enables you to to do some basic analysis. This is the graph that was produced when I logged the light levels in a room for 24 hours.

Overall I really like it. It is quick to setup and run experiments and the data visualisation is quite nice. If you want to do more analysis you can export the data to a .csv file and open in Excel.

Here are a few more graphs I made.

NXT bouncing on a rubber band, with the Ultrasonic Sensor measuring the distance to the ground.

Temperature in a room over 24 hours

A cup of boiling water cooling normally(white) and after dropping in an icecube(orange)

A ball bouncing next to the Sound sensor

Damien Kee


Martijn H. said…
Is there a way to import this "block" in NXT-G 1.0?
Damien Kee said…
Unfortunately not. This is the new Graphical User Interface that comes with the educational version of the NXT-G2.0 software.

Boris Tarasov said…
Good day.
is there is any software plugins/addons/functionality to log motor performance/position/power consumption to plot such data later like 2D plot?

Now I am using amperemeter and voltmeter to integrate I graph and multiply by V. But it would be great to to get such data from motor controller.

best regards, Boris
Unknown said…

Doesn't look like the datalogging portion of the nxt 2.0 software works on the intel mac. Is this likely to get resolved soon?
Unknown said…
I have NXT-G 2.0 which is not educational version is there any way I can get it on regular version of software.

Unknown said…
Is there any possibility to log data of hitechnic sensors? E.g. acceleration sensor?
Best regards, Felix

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