The NXT Raven

So here's another NXT robot based on the Black NXT limited edition: a black raven that can "talk" and (independently) move its head and wings.

Next to a lot of black TECHNIC parts, I used three original NXT motors; as there are no black ones, I spent some effort in both hiding them from the view of the user as well as integrating them into the general scheme of the raven (with the intention not to spoil the overall bird-like appearance).

The Raven also integrates a sound sensor and is programmed presently to react to loud sound events. Hence it might sit on the top of the wardrobe at night and scare away visitors ... ;)


BlueToothKiwi said…
Excellent!! I wonder what Poe would have made of this video if he was alive!

My favourite bit is when the red light being shone on the raven goes off and you left with the candle light.... "Nameless here for evermore ..."

Well done!
DarkestZ said…
where do ou get one of those black nxt's??!?
Unknown said…

have a look at this post.

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