Queen on NXT - Imaging on NXT - Part 1

If you grow up in the UK or one of the commonwealth countries (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Canada ...), you would have grown up seeing a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen everyday - whether it is on a postage stamp or on every single piece of money you have in your wallet!

So I thouhgt I will scan a portrait of the Queen from the Australian five dollar note and put it in to my NXT.

And here is the result:
I will post Part 2  in a 'while' which will walk you through how this can be done in less than five minutes.

In the mean time anyone want to guess how it was done?

The only clue I can give is that it was NOT done using nxtRICedit by Andreas Dreier's - which by the way is really cool application.



Neat... hmm, does it take five minutes from "scratch" (not having any of the right software or other additional stuff)? Did you use NXT-G 2.0?

well i rememebr seeing something that had a custom light sensor peice that was making the light focus on a specific point and it helped it scan only a tiny area instead of a large area when using a non modified light sensor. I take it the light sensor add on is what takes 5 min? am i right? I rememebr seeing it could scan really really well.
Dismay said…
perhaps using nxtcam and an nxt connected to the computer via usb/BT and an image interprating software?
Dismay said…
perhaps you created a software that interprates nxtcam images and converts them to pixles?
tr6scott said…
humm... I did it in under 5, I did use a scanner, and programming software allowed by FLL, just not the one you are used too... (hint)
Unknown said…
A NXT-based scanner, maybe?
I have seen a few out there...
Anonymous said…
Hmmm... I'd have to say that you probably scanned the image into your computer and wrote a computer application that takes an image and converts it to lines and dots format and wrote it to the NXT Brick.
Anonymous said…
Does it check for reflective brightness on a grid of checkpoints, thereby generating a black and white pixel rendition of whatever you scan, with white (or empty) pixels where the reflective brightness is high and black (or filled) pixels where it is low?
Ok Im not sure weather you got my comment or not so I am rewriting it. My idea was that it was indeed a scanner but...It has a special peice mounted on the light sensor in which it will focus the light and only allow a tiny point of area to be seen by the sensor. This way the sensor can only see a small area and take the reading of that small area vs. a non modded light sensor which will view a large area making the screen not very accurate. This is probably what takes only 5 min.
Agggggg!!!! are you guys even getting my comments? this is like been 10+ days since I put it and other comments are getting here before me. Whoever is moderating please send an email to megamindstorm101@gmail.com to tell me why Im confused terribly. is it becaue my Idea is right?
BlueToothKiwi said…
Sorry megamindstorm101,

You should see your comments above now. I know there has been some major changes to commenting (following recent spams - namely:
- No more anonymous comments
- All comments are moderated by one of three moderators (I am not one of them).

It is a shame it has to come to this - but it is better than not having comments at all!!

I hope you understand.


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