Wichita State University's 2009 Mindstorms Challenge

Students from the Wichita, Kansas area converged on WSU for the 2009 Mindstorms Challenge which took place today, February 21st. The event is sponsored by WSU's Colleges of Engineering and Education. Students from three levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) competed for trophies in their respective divisions.

In addition to the formal competition, there was a large "NXT Zoo" display from students in the area. Several of the animals were directly or indirectly based on animals from the NXT Zoo Book.

What follows are pictures from today's event:

The following are pictures from the "NXT Zoo" exhibit, including some photos of Fay Rhodes with students and their robots:

Congratulations to WSU on a varied and well-run event.

Do you know of other "off-season" Mindstorms events or workshops in your area? Let us know about them here.



That's so cool that they did the Zoo theme - I hope you had fun visiting with the kids. This looks like a very fun event.
Eric D. Burdo said…
Maine Robotics has a track meet every year. They have a list of challenges you can do with the NXT or RCX kits.

More information is here:

Maine Robotics Track Meet

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