Earth Explorer AlphaRex visits Antarctica!

You read the title correct. He's in Antarctica this time... Waaay down under at Davis Station! See the sites and read the news of his visit on LEGO MINDSTORMS' homepage. There's a bunch of interesting information about Davis Station out on the web. Maybe some of the particulars about this visit will be added in the comments.



BlueToothKiwi said…
Well done to Damo in Australia and everyone in the research ship and the base who helped out. This pretty much tops it all as far as the Global road trip is concerned!!

I wonder if the new AlphaRex that comes with NXT Version 2 is going to be this lucky!

Unknown said…
Yes, that location is pretty cool indeed - Alpha Rex certainly comes around. :)

Only the deep blue sea might top this one; or the moon. ;)
Unknown said…
By the way, Davis Station is a permanent base in Antarctica managed by the Australian Antarctic Division.

You can behold a lot of nice images here (there's also a webcam).
Rob Torok said…
We should acknowledge Tony Worby (, the voyage leader, who kindly agreed to take Alpha Rex on the trip to Antarctica on the Aurora Australis. Tony was responsible for taking those wonderful photos.

Next stop Tasmania!

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