Robot Sumo with Killer-Dozers

For the last 6 weeks , we had the pleasure of hosting a 13 year old Exchange Student from Hamburgh, Germany. During the last few weeks, he had lots of fun playing with our huge array of MINDSTORMS NXT kits & TECHNIC pieces. 

It was his last day yesterday - so we decided to organise a Sumo challenge to mark the occasion between the five of us in the house.

We wanted very rapid rounds, so we chose Philo's KillerDozer design. The cool thing about the Killer dozer is that two KillerDozer can  be built in only a few minutes out of the box from a single 8275 Bulldozer kit. You can find out more about it on Philo's web site

The concept is simple: Each player control a dozer, the purpose of the game is to tip over the opponent. With the RC handset you control your dozer to go straight forward, to turn in place backwards, and to lift/lower the blade to raise your opponent. 

We had about a dozen heats - here is one of them with some minor editing:

If you dont have a 8275 kit, and want to make your own NXT robot, checkout the following posts I did in the past on creating your own Sumo ring, NXT sumor robots and tournaments:

Do you know of any additional resources for NXT Sumo? Feel free to post it under Comments:


iPhoneBoy said…
Great post and video - I love robot Sumo. And Lucky Exchange Student! I wish I could do that - Do you have any space for another exchange student from Europe? Would be happy to do housework in return for letting me play with your huge supply of plastics and NXT in your house!

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