NXT 3D Scanner

MCP Philo, well known for a lot of exciting robots, deep insight into the NXT internal electronics and as author of many LDraw parts and of a NXT book (just to name a few things), has published a new fascinating device: a NXT-based 3D scanner.
It scans small objects using a needle mounted on a LEGO® linear actuator and reports the data to a computer where they can be used to generate a related 3D CAD model:


Note that the scanner has been programmed with pbLua, the NXT programming language based on Lua.

A lot of more information can be found on the associated web page.


iPhoneBoy said…
That must have taken months to make!
Kirk Backstrom said…

Magnificent! I am impressed that such a high resolution can be achieved to make such a small object clearly identifiable. The bar is up to a new level for precision with the NXT.
Will M said…
I gotta get one of those made! It would work great with our school's 3d printer!

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