NXT Claw Striker

After I insulted my NXT for being physically inferior to my cat in just about every way, it sulked back down to my den and contemplated its next move. Hey, what if it stole a play from the cat's book, and tried striking quickly with a claw?

This Claw Striker robot uses the ultrasonic sensor to turn around and locate a target, move to the proper range (forwards or backwards as necessary), then strike quickly with it's claw-tipped whip-like arm.

Here's a video. No, it's not brave enough to take on the cat yet, even if I would let it (please don't try with yours either).


Rick Rhodes said…
WHOA!! Scary awesome.

Tell us the truth, Dave: How many film takes before you decapitated that poor Bionicle?
Dave Parker said…
OK, the truth is my son didn't attach the head all the way, because he wanted it to fall off and roll away after the Bionicle fell over, which is what happened on the first 2 takes. Then on the 3rd take ("That's nice, but let's try it again with more feeling! Places everyone!" Bionicle: "Wait, what's my motivation again?"...), we got strangely lucky and struck the Bionicle so squarely straight down on the head that he remained standing!
Unknown said…
Nice! How are the claw/arm parts taking it?

ohhhh ouch very violent. I like it. I will need to make this one rc :D I will never take it out on a poor helpless animal (or human) but I love the whip action very powerfull. (that will really help when beating the bread :P)
Dave Parker said…
It actually doesn't hit that hard, because when you gear up for speed, you lose force (torque). But when I made the whip with some of my older and very loose pegs, the side parts sometimes loosened up or flew off on impact.

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