Odin Scout

An amazing build with a unique method of changing direction. The action begins 90 seconds into the video.


The unique turn in direction isnt that just Philos? Philo made the odin and its on his website with building instructions. The camera add on is interesting though.
Unknown said…
Yes, seems to be the original Odin by Philo, with a camera attached.
Rick Rhodes said…
Yes, you're right. I read the description about the robot on YouTube, but not carefully enough, obviously.

Great job, Philo.
Linda Zoe said…
If FLL would allow 4 motors instead of 3, I could see how this pivot design would eliminate the turning problem due to friction variation on the mats. Most FLL robot designs would need 1 motor for forward/back, 1 motor for platform up/down, 1 motor for pivot left/right, and 1 motor for an arm attachment.
Earl said…
It is possible to make this same robot with only two motors

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