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Calibrating Motors

FLL 2009-2010 signup

Grab your passport...

More NXT books coming...

FTC World Championships #2 - How the Game Works

Interesting flyer and website

FTC World Championships

I want my iLEGO!

NXT 2.0 Box

WorldFest Update 2

LEGO and LEGO Ed Booths

WorldFest Update 1

WorldFest 2009 Updates coming...

NXT Wheel: remote control for mobile robots

Are there local Robotics events near you?

More information on Mindsensors devices

World Festival 2009 - Atlanta, GA

Overview video on WeDo

NXT on Sale

Paint your easter eggs with the NXT

Non-NXT, but still awesome: The Brick Artist™

Communicate with the NXT over a network using the standard BT protocol

NXT Trailer Pull

Building instructions for Raven and NXT Switchboard

Que-boid, a cube-shaped NXT robot

FIRST World Championship

NXTLog Climate Connections Challenge!

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