Are there local Robotics events near you?

I live in Maine.  There is a Maine based non-profit that is pushing to teach Robotics to students.  It's a great way to get people interested in robotics (specifically using LEGO Mindstorms and VEX systems).

They organize and run the FLL competitions (usually two for the State of Maine).  They have other events, such as a Track Meet (a series of challenges for the NXT or RCX bots) and they also run robotics camps.  There are several of these camps every summer.  Each one is one week long, and they have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

You can read a bit more about Maine Robotics here, or check out the Maine Robotics website.

Are there local robotics groups where you live?


Robolab 2.9 said…
Sadly, not much around northern SC. We do FLL tournaments, scrimmage, regionals, and state, but not much robotics outside of that. So if anyone knows anything robotics related around SC, let me know!

There are several robotics events in the NYC/NJ area . The big event is at the Javits Center where over 150 FLL, FTC, & FRC teams compete .
There is also the Botball tournament. Robotics events are definitely on the rise - AS IT SHOULD BE!
Even a place like Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY has an annual LEGO Fun week-end with robotics demonstrations – . If there aren’t any robotics activities going on in your area – For Bots sakes, get something started!!!
Hi Eric - I'm in Maine also - Wash County near Machias. I along with my friend who is the local Title 1 teacher coach our local elem school robot (RCX)club. We're going to MR event in Castine in early May. Tom Bickford does a great job with MR. We've gone to the Track Meet several other times and really enjoyed it. Maybe we'll see you there. Regards, Don Roos
Will M said…
I live near Chicago, IL and am a member (secretery in fact)of the Chicago Area Robotics Group or ChiBots. We have biannual competitions with many different contests, primarily variations on line following and Sumo competitions. Also, edging away from LEGO, there is the Centril Illinois Robotics CLup or CIRC.
ChiBots website-

Then also there is the (in)famous MINDSTORMS group in Indiana (Who are members of ChiBots but only make the trip on contest days to kick our pasty rumps...)
Anonymous said…
Robocup Junior and JETS in North Carolina

Robocup Jr:

Hi I'm in Montreal Quebec, and this friday starts the first robot game competition - where i'm part of the organizing team -- Next, in may, 15 and 16th is the 8th Junior Robotics Competition where i'm chief judge -- i,m still looking for some people to be judges, with 40+ team registered it will take many of us so if anyone reading this is from Quebec Canada, and interested in being a judge please contact me :)

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